Invited lectures:

    • The importance of statistics from a viewpoint of a glycobiologist (Prof. Gordan Lauc)
    • Genetics of major depression - change is coming (Prof. Dr. Bertram Müller-Myhsok)
  • High-throughput glycomics: A new tool for patient stratification that transcends genomics (Prof. Gordan Lauc)
  • Computational genomics of microbial community (Prof. Kristian Vlahovicek)
    • Epigenetics, complexity and aging: lessons from the information theory (Dr. Aleksandar Vojta)
  • Why do we age? (Dr. Marianna Bevova)
    • Lamarck revisited: epigenetic adaptation and inheritance (Prof. Vlatka Zoldoš)
    • Pathways and multi-omics: From genome architecture to drug repurposing (Prof. Pietro Liò)
    • How to build a biobank (Prof. Ozren Polasek)
    • Genestack -- a universal cloud bioinformatics operating system (Dr. Misha Kapushesky)
    • Introduction to Spatial Statistics and Applications to Biomedicine (Dr. Katerina Helisova)
  • Network and multi-network approaches for biological data modeling and analysis (Dr. Daniel Remondini)
  • Breeding and OMICS applied to Infectious Diseases in Livestock (Dr. Giulietta Minozzi)


Statistics and elements of machine learning

Coordinator: Dr. Mar Rodríguez-Girondo

Elements of statistical genomics

Coordinator: Dr. Xia Shen

Advanced R for statistics and statistical genomics

Coordinator: Dr. Ivo Ugrina

Essential computer skills for life scientists

Coordinator: Dr. Lennart Karssen

RSSSO2015 programme v1

Please see the program of RSSSO2014 to have an approximate idea of what the final program may look like